CITY OF GALESBURG KALAMAZOO COUNTY, MICHIGAN NOTICE OF ORDINANCE NO. 276 ADOPTION AN ORDINANCE TO REPLACE CHAPTER 30 CITY FIRE AND SAFETY CODE, ARTICLE II, SECTIONS 30-35, 30-36 AND 30-37, TO CHANGE ORDINANCE VIOLATION FROM A MISDEMEANOR TO A MUNICIPAL CIVIL INFRACTION. To: THE RESIDENTS AND PROPERTY OWNERS OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG AND TO ALL OTHER INTERESTED PERSONS: The following is a summary of Ordinance No. 276, which amends Chapter 30 City Fire and Safety Code, Article II, Section 30-35, Unlawful Continuance of Fire Hazard; Section 30-36, Compliance with Order or Notice and Section 30-37, Penalties, of The Code of Ordinances by the Galesburg City Council at its meeting on February 1, 2021; said Ordinance No. 276 to take effect ten (10) days following the date of this publication, after adoption. ARTICLE II: The following sections of Chapter 30 City Fire and Safety Code, Article II are amended as follows: SECTION 30-35 UNLAWFUL CONTINUANCE OF FIRE HAZARD. This section provides who is subject Chapter 30, City Fire and Safety Code who fails to take an immediate action to abate a fire hazard when ordered or notified to do so by the Chief shall be responsible for a municipal civil infraction. Any Order or notice issued under Chapter 30 shall be complied with. SECTION 30-36 PENALTIES. This section states that a violation of Chapter 30, Article II is punishable as a municipal civil infraction and sets forth a fine schedule.

ARTICLE III This section stats that the Ordinance will take effect ten (10) days after publication.

ARTICLE IV Provides that the provisions of the Ordinance are severable.

ARTICLE V Provides the date that this Ordinance shall take effect.

Please take further notice that a full copy of Ordinance No. 276 may be examined or obtained by contacting the City Clerk at the City Hall during regular business hours on regular business days, at the address and telephone number provided below, or on the City’s website at

City of Galesburg

Anna Goodsell, Clerk

200 East Michigan Ave

Galesburg, MI 49053

(269) 665-7000

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