Lead & Copper Testing

Dear City of Galesburg Resident, 

The State of Michigan EGLE (Environment, Great Lakes & Energy) mandates Lead and Copper testing on the City's water supply every three years. We have been doing this testing in the City of Galesburg for more than twenty years. 

In the past, the State of Michigan required that we get water samples from ten sites to perform these tests. With new laws and regulations, the requirement has risen to a total of twenty-five water sample sites. 

We are in need of twenty-five residents to volunteer to obtain water samples from their homes for this mandated testing. It is really simple. We drop off a sample bottle to your home with instructions on how to collect the water sample. Then you set the sample outside your door for us to pick up. More detailed instructions will follow it you decide to participate in this program. 

If you would be willing to have your residence be a test site, please contact City Hall at 269-665- 7000 so we can have you fill out a short form about the type of water pipes within your home and put you on our list of sample sites. 

Thank you, 

Bill Bresson  State Licensed  Operator in Charge 

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